The movie “Gold Coast” is enthralled and engrossed in the 1800s, and in particular in the period of romanticism. The 1900s was a terrifying century, but when looking away from this period, the 1800s becomes visible, a time of Schubert, a visionary and lyrical outlook on life, and art of the Golden Age.

The 1830s is characterized by a search for greater integrity, a natural understanding that goes beyond the race-oriented cataloging, which had marked both science and the mindset until then. It was essential to give this film a timeless and eternal expression. During this work and first and foremost, we have been inspired by the so-called fractal geometry in contemporary mathematics.

My vision has been to see the film as 1836 on ecstasy. It has been my intention to create a dreamy and euphoric work that is at eye level with the young people in the film, who so rapidly have to leave their youth in contemporary Africa.

In the film "Moon Rider", I tried to get into the mind of another human being. It had to be radical in its subjectivity, but also universal and open. The same idea is behind Wulff's voice and gaze in Gold Coast, which will make the story both accurate and grand simultaneously.

Daniel Dencik, May 2015